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The Five Points Sign

Five Points

The corner of Baxter and Worth Streets behind government buildings seems like an ordinary intersection, but on closer inspection one might notice the street sign also says “Five Points”. In the 19th century, this intersection…

Stone Street

Stone Street

Stone Street in the Financial District of Manhattan is a lively little block, filled with outdoor tables of the bars and restaurants that line it. It received its name because it was the first street…

Cafe Wha?

Café Wha?

On the corner of MacDougal Street and Minetta Lane in Greenwich Village is Café Wha?, one of the most important clubs in rock history. It was opened in 1959 by Manny Roth in a former…

Minetta Brook Plaque

Minetta Creek

Near the entrance of the apartment building at Two Fifth Avenue there is a small plaque which reads: A BROOK WINDS ITS ERRATIC WAY BENEATH THIS SITETHE INDIANS CALLED IT MANETTE OR DEVIL’S WATERTO THE…

Patchin Place

Patchin Place

Patchin Place is a little dead end street in Greenwich Village across from the Jefferson Market Library off West 10th Street. The buildings on it were originally built in 1848 to house lower-class hotel workers….